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Article 46

McClure elected commissioners' chairman
Watford chosen vice chairman

By Seth Stratton
The Dispatch

Published: Monday, December 1, 2008 at 2:03 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, December 1, 2008 at 2:17 p.m.
The general election concluded a month ago, but the politicking continued when the Davidson County Board of Commissioners met Monday morning to select its chairman and vice chairman. When the votes were tallied, Commissioner Fred McClure was elected chairman and Sam Watford vice chairman.

McClure, Larry Potts and Cathy Dunn, winners in last month’s election to four-year seats on the board, took their oaths of office administered by Davidson County Clerk of Court Brian Shipwash at the specially called meeting. After taking their seats, County Attorney Robert Hedrick opened the floor for chairman nominations.

Commissioner Billy Joe Kepley, the board’s vice chairman for the past year, nominated Dunn for the top position on the board. Kepley said before 1990, it was tradition for the top vote-getter in the election to automatically receive the chairmanship. But when the top vote-getter was a newcomer that year, the board decided to abandon that policy, Kepley said. Potts said the board stopped doing that because the board’s elections became staggered.

Don Truell nominated fellow Thomasville-area commissioner Sam Watford for the chairman, and Potts nominated McClure for the head post.

“We ought to close it before we all get nominated,” Potts joked.

Dunn received three votes, from herself, Kepley and Dr. Max Walser. McClure received two votes, from himself and Potts. And Watford received two votes, from himself and Truell. Hedrick asked whether the board would entertain a motion to elect Dunn chairwoman since she received the most votes, but Potts said the rules of the board stated that the chairman needed to receive four votes, a majority, to be elected.

“My contention is the people in the county spoke, she’s the leading vote-getter, and she ought to be the chairman,” Walser said.

But again, Dunn received just three votes. Hedrick suggested the board select a temporary chairman until the next meeting, but commissioners decided to move the election of the chairman and vice chairman to the end of the meeting after presenting five- and 10-year milestone awards to county employees.

This is my sixth year … I feel like it takes some time to get to what you feel like you’re qualified to be the chairman,” Watford said. “I feel like I’m just now being qualified to be chairman.”

“I’ve been here 16 years, and I’m still not qualified,” Kepley joked.

After a brief break the commissioners reconvened. Watford pulled his name from the consideration list for chairman and instead nominated McClure. And Kepley again nominated Dunn. McClure, with votes from himself, Truell, Watford and Potts, seized the chairman position by one vote as Dunn’s votes from herself, Kepley and Walser fell just short, 4-3.

Watford was nominated for vice chairman; McClure and Walser nominated Kepley to keep his position. Watford beat out Kepley 4-3 by the exact same vote as the chairman election.

The board will next meet starting at 7 p.m. Monday for its monthly public hearing meeting on the fourth floor of the Davidson County Governmental Center.

Employee recognition

County workers who reached a five- or 10-year milestone for their longevity with the county were recognized for their work at the meeting Monday.

35 years: Ruth H. Huneycutt; Barbara W. Jones; Priscilla N. Loftin.

30 years: Patricia D. Wilson.

25 years: Stephen G. Hedrick; Sarah S. Koonts; Reginald F. Lookabill; John H. Mendenhall Jr.; Charles W. Parnell; Debra J. Swaim.

20 years: Elizabeth B. Ange; Betty S. Daniel; Pamela F. Daniel; Debra M. Delapp; Rebecca A. Dirienzo; Glenyce H. Fulton; Marie B. Hedrick; Kay N. Hunt; Larry W. James; Sandra M. Miles; Cynthia J. Mobley; Frances P. Myers; Sheila D. Reaves; Ricky L. Skeen; Ina C. Talley; Wanda H. Woods; Kimberly D. Young.

15 years: Roger D. Brammer; Laura O. Carroll; Darren N. Cecil; Susan A. Craig; Roger Lee Crook Jr.; Lynette H. Davis; Mark A. Epley; Lucille K. Fletcher; Angela C. Graham; Gregory C. Hennessee; Deborah A. Hines-Flake; Karen L. Lanier; Petra D. Leonard; Robert M. Miller; Elizabeth A. Myers; Dennis R. Rabon; Joan F. Reeves; Kathleen R. Replogle; Teresa B. Snider; Randall H. Sowers; Catherine Spencer-Warren; Alma D. Thompson; Michael F. White.

10 years: Chad D. Childress; Ashley A. Collins; Kelly D. Daniel; James S. Freeman; John E. Gillespie; Amy M. Jones; Lisa W. Matney; Angela B. Miller; Angie G. Richardson; Linda L. Riner; Elma J. Roman-Hamilton; William C. Searcy; Holland L. Shoaf; Samuel H. Simmerson; Ryan P. Swink; Jonna T. Threadgill; Beverly W. Vernon; Vicki L. Watkins; Ronnie C. Weavil; Terry D. Whitman; James D. Wood.

Five years: Anthony B. Ball; Melissa F. Bassett; Joan G. Boyd; Marcus J. Cormack; Clayton S. Dagenhardt; Tammy L. Dewey; Amanda S. Everhart; Joseph A. Ferguson; Willard E. Frazier Jr.; Tony R. Gordon; Lynn E. Griffith; Deborah J. Harris; Charles E. Jones; Rhonda K. Kennedy; David B. Lord; Terry D. McClamrock; William J. Meadows; Eric W. Morrow; Frank D. Mote; Rashard D. Ricks; Matthew C. Riddle; Joseph M. Robbins; Sherri K. Robbins; Richard W. Russo Jr.; Teresa P. Sechrest; Edna L. Snyder; John C. Thompson; Lori F. Whitfield; Sandra Woods.

Seth Stratton can be reached at 249-3981, ext. 226, or seth.stratton@the-dispatch.com.

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